Manufacturer / Curtain workshop

Manufacturer | Curtain workshop

With our product configurator decoloop® CPQ (WoonTotaal), your customers and you can create product configurations for every conceivable interior product such as curtains, flooring, blinds, rails and more. The product is priced appropriately and the customer can then order them digitally. The configured products can easily be sent to your back office or production.



We put you in contact

If you would like to work with an external partner such as a wholesaler, supplier or assembly company, we can put you in touch with our partners for this. We can also connect your and the partner’s (product) catalogues to provide a single platform for your customers.

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Connect easily with a decoloop® connect

Suppliers and wholesalers who are connected with their fabric collection via a Connect version can easily make their catalogues available within your production configuration. This allows your customer to quickly, simply and conveniently put together fabric and confection and order from both with all correction information.


After receiving the order via decoloop® CPQ (Woontotaal), the work is not finished yet. Customers want to be kept informed about the status of their orders and the order must be processed quickly. This is why we have developed decoloop® production, formerly known as AtelierTotaal. decoloop® production is a simple, clear online tool for processing all your orders.



decoloop® Planning makes paper diaries or complex planning programmes redundant.

Via a clear online solution, you can easily create work orders and schedule them based on the skills, location and availability of your employees.

Using the built-in widget, consumers can easily make an appointment for advice or measuring at home via your website or webshop. When the product is ready, an appointment can again be quickly and easily scheduled for assembly.




We make solutions that work!

That is why all our software can be easily connected to your ERP and/or CRM systems. Your own or your customers’ webshops can also be easily connected to our configurator (CPQ) and planning solutions via APIs, widgets and gateways.



We are the partner for the interior design industry with experience in our industry since 2002.

Although we have already developed many different solutions, we also continue to innovate and are open to new challenges. Do you see common ground, but don’t see what you are looking for on our site? If so, we will of course be happy to talk to you to find the solution for your company together.


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